WIRES Tech Talk – Open to the Public
Wednesday, December 13, 2023
2-3 PM ET

The WIRES Tech Talks webinar series continues with a focus on how superconductors can be utilized to address today’s grid challenges. Executives from MetOx will share an overview of High Temperature Superconducting wire (HTS), offer insights on how superconducting solutions can expand grid capacity and maximize rights-of-way, and provide an introduction to XEUS wire.

An alternative conductor technology to copper wire, XEUS is an advanced power delivery technology designed specifically to transmit very high power at low to medium voltage, and with near-zero ohmic loss. XEUS allows approximately 250x the current-carrying capacity of traditional copper wire, and when used in cables, can increase capacity by 5-10x, with essentially no line loss. Using this new wire in the grid would significantly increase the capacity of transmission lines, improve stability and reliability, and reduce the risk of blackouts and other service disruptions.

With predictions that the power grid must at least triple in capacity by 2050 to meet net zero goals, superconducting cables and transformers offer a compelling solution to expand the grid without tripling the number of power lines, poles, substations, and rights of way.


Bud Vos, CEO

Jay Vitha, VP Strategy

Marie Hayden, Business Development Advisor

Larry Gasteiger, Executive Director, WIRES (Moderator)

This event is free of charge and open to the public.