WIRES Tech Talk – Open to the Public
Wednesday, November 8, 2023
2-3 PM ET

There is a great deal of interest and activity currently with Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs), and specifically, Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR).  While the economic benefits of DLR’s to ratepayers may be the key driver, an expanded vision for DLR should also be viewed through the lenses of clean energy integration, electrification, and grid resilience and reliability. We will struggle to fully realize all of those important goals without utilizing the existing grid more effectively. DLR holds great promise to address the challenges of the grid, but the details are critical. Where, why, and how DLR is deployed are questions utilities must understand. In this webinar, speakers from LineVision and AES will give first hand evidence of the benefits of DLR, discuss considerations for implementations, and outline the current regulatory landscape bolstering the scaling of DLR.


Alex Houghtaling, VP of Sales, LineVision

AJ Hall, Portfolio Management Director, AES

Larry Gasteiger, Executive Director, WIRES (Moderator)

This event is free of charge and open to the public.