WIRES Tech Talk – Open to the Public
Tuesday, March 19, 2024
2-3 PM ET

Join WIRES for another Tech Talk featuring POWER Engineers, discussing Ballistics Line of Sight analysis for substation security enhancement efforts. POWER has created an innovative process for performing Ballistics Line of Sight research and analysis. Using a digital twin replica of an existing or proposed substation, POWER’s process highlights any and all critical assets on the property and shows various mitigation strategies to prevent bad actors from damaging equipment. This analysis technique uses a combined data gathering process that includes lidar, overhead photo and video gathering, as well as ground-based photo and video sourcing. This information is then inserted into a graphics engine to create or replicate a substation.

These survey studies, in combination with POWER Engineers software tool, can provide significant cost savings by helping asset owners prioritize construction to mitigate specific security threats. One such study for a POWER client led to a savings of roughly 10 million dollars in construction costs. With grid reliability as “job number one”, the need to harden power infrastructure against security threats will only grow in future.