Larry Gasteiger, WIRES Executive Director, shared the following statement:

“WIRES shares FERC’s objective of ensuring that rules are in place to facilitate investment in transmission infrastructure required to meet the nation’s well-documented needs. Building the grid of the future must be a bipartisan effort driving towards a common goal – a safe, reliable, and affordable grid.

While WIRES is still reviewing and evaluating the details of Order 1920, we are pleased that FERC has declined to adopt the NOPR proposal to limit the availability of the CWIP Incentive. We agree with FERC that action on incentives should be done in a holistic manner; otherwise, we risk sending the wrong signals to the investment community at precisely the wrong time.

WIRES commends FERC’s decision to take a first step to expand federal ROFR rights to include right-sized replacement transmission facilities selected to meet Long-Term Transmission Needs and urges the Commission to continue to consider other potential federal ROFR issues that could facilitate collaboration and more efficient and cost-effective transmission for the benefit of consumers. WIRES looks forward to continuing to work with the Commission to advance constructive policies that ensure adequate investment in transmission infrastructure so that the grid continues to serve customers safely, reliably, and affordably.”