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NPR article


It’s Not Just Texas. The Entire Energy Grid Needs An Upgrade For Extreme Weather

Larry Gasteiger voices WIRES’ support for rapid investment in grid modernization, cites findings from our Electrification of the North American Economy report.

NYT article

The New York Times

Hurricane Ida Exposes Grid Weaknesses as New Orleans Goes Dark

Grid expert Larry Gasteiger emphasized importance of grid resilience in the face of more ferocious storms.

State Capitol

E&E News - EnergyWire

How the $1.7T omnibus affects energy, from CCS to hydrogen

Commenting on funding for the Grid Deployment office, Larry Gasteiger observes that funding for the DOE’s Grid Deployment office is “helpful”, but not the “moonshot effort” the grid requires to meet clean energy goals.

Electric transmission worker

Utility Dive

Sharp views from Enel, WIRES, others on FERC’s transmission planning proposal shared at forum

“Our view is, we don’t double down on a failed policy,” and other key WIRES take aways from a forum on FERC’s transmission NOPR.

Climate Bill Targets Transmission

Bloomberg Law

Climate Bill Targets Transmission to Unjam Clean Energy Backlog

WIRES view on the IRA, “the bill is a tremendous positive for clean energy development and transmission and the two are connected”.

Push for power lines

E&E News - EnergyWire

‘Get rid of competition’? FERC and the push for power lines

“Generally speaking, adding more stakeholders, creating more process, involving more opportunities for litigation … is not helpful to getting transmission infrastructure built on a timely basis”

Transmission planning

Utility Dive OP-ED

Local versus regional transmission planning: A false dichotomy

“…both regional and local transmission planning and infrastructure are indispensable to achieving a cleaner and more resilient energy grid.”

Transmission towers


A national US power grid would make electricity cheaper and cleaner

Includes highlights from WIRES Informing the Transmission Study from ScottMadden.

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