WIRES Developments (Archive)


Presentations from WIRES Winter 2019 Meeting (March 2019) 

Panel One: Hardening The Grid: Logistics, Technology, and Hardware

Terry Boston, Grid Protection Alliance & Terry Boston Consulting
John Kumm, Vice President Field Services, Power Engineers
Dr. Keith Lindsey, Lindsey Inc.
Mike Deggendorf, CEO, Grid Assurance

Panel Two: Electric Vehicles Infrastructure – How Soon? & What Is The Hold-Up

Nina Plaushin, WIRES President, Americans For A Clean Energy Grid, VP Regulatory, Federal Affairs, & Communications, ITC Holdings, Moderator
Genevieve Cullen, President, Electric Drive Transportation Association
Dan Bowermaster, Electric Power Research Institute
Jurgen Weiss, The Brattle Group

Lunch Presentation: FERC’s Order No. 1000

Hon. Tony Clark, Wilkinson Barker, Knauer & former FERC Commissioner

Panel Three: Technology: How Do We Get The Most Out of The Grid?

Brian Gemmell, WIRES President, VP Transmission Asset Management & Planning National Grid
Steve Herling, Vice President – Planning, PJM Interconnection
Bruce Rew, Vice President, Operations, Southwest Power Pool
Steve Hauser, Executive Director, Grid Wise Alliance
Bill White, Director of Business Development/Northeast US, CTC Global
Luke Chaput, President, Ampjack  


Presentations from WIRES Annual Meeting 2018 (October 2018)
Panel One: Transmission Grid Resilience As A National Security Challenge: Read the Johns Hopkins report
Panel Two: The Endless Future of Order No. 1000: Craig Glazer | Johannes Pfeifenberger | Jay Caspary | Nina Plaushin
Panel Three: Blockchain and The Grid:
AJ Goulding | Alex Kizer | Carolyn Elefant
Presentations from WIRES Winter Meeting 2018: Dagle Lauby Moeller O'Conner Silverstein