WIRES Membership: Full Supporting Member


Full Supporting Members shall include transmission owning companies, public utilities, transmission technology companies, electric generator or generator technology companies, transmission investors, industrial, commercial, and other users of transmission, public power and electric cooperative entities, investors in transmission, and related business or trade associations.


Strategy & Policy
  • Help determine the strategic direction, policies, and legal positions of this multi-national transmission organization
  • Help raise the visibility of electric transmission as a distinct business with a key role in economic development and with its own important economic and political needs
  • Work with other companies and industry sectors (e.g. renewable energy firms, regional grid managers, distributed generators, technology vendors) to identify the future need for electric transmission and the best practices governing development


Leadership and Leverage

  • Obtain a dedicated Washington, D.C. presence that promotes the interests of transmission infrastructure investment
  • Participate in critical meetings and briefings with key government policymakers
  • Support political action that advances the business


Interaction and Collaboration

  • Work with a range of executives and policymakers from transmission companies, customers, financial supporters, and vendors to advance the business objectives sector
  • Participate in critical meetings and briefings with key government policymakers
  • Share perspectives with pro-transmission participants on how to promote uniform and certainty in regulation and how to accommodate regional differences in industry structure and regulation



  • Receive timely data and information about regulatory, legal and industry developments, financial conditions, legislature proposals, and public perceptions
  • Support objective studies and forums on transmission issues




GIGAWATT: All Co-ops, Public Power, Non-Profits N/A $20,000
GIGAWATT: Other companies and organizations < 100M $40,000
GIGAWATT: Canadian Crown Corporations N/A $45,000
TERRAWATT > 100M $70,000