WIRES Membership Overview


The principal benefit to all Members is WIRES’ professional, networking, peer-to-peer, and policy making activities on behalf of the transmission sector. Specific benefits vary by membership class.


Rules & Bylaws


All membership classes (and related dues obligations) are subject to the following GENERAL RULES:

  • Members are presumed to subscribe to WIRES’ Principles and are recipients of the general benefits of the organization’s success.
  • Eligibility for a membership class will be determined consistent with WIRES Bylaws or agreement of the full members according to: (a) the nature of the candidate, including its size, line of business, or ownership model, and the candidate’s desired level of WIRES involvement, and (b) associated privileges and benefits.
  • Transmission asset owners and transmission providers may not be associate members. However, developers of transmission assets that are not yet constructed and operational are eligible (but not required) to be associate members.


Under our Bylaws, all WIRES members “share the goal of promoting electric transmission” including WIRES’ mission:

  • to provide a forum within which owners, investors, and customers of electric transmission in the North American energy market can promote a legal and public policy climate, as well as a public understanding, which encourages development of a robust high-voltage transmission grid and
  • to ensure a uniform high level of reliable service and economic efficiency in wholesale electricity transactions through a portfolio of transmission solutions…


Membership Classes

Full Supporting Member

Full Supporting Members shall include transmission owning companies, public utilities, transmission technology companies, electric generator or generator technology companies, transmission investors, industrial, commercial, and other users of transmission, public power and electric cooperative entities, investors in transmission, and related business or trade associations.

Associate Member

Associate Members shall include individuals, companies, organizations, and other firms.