Statements from Grid Strategies and WIRES on the new Grid Strategies report, “Fostering Collaboration Would Help Build Needed Transmission” by Rob Gramlich, Richard Doying, and Zach Zimmerman.

Larry Gasteiger, Executive Director, WIRES
“In its important new analysis of nearly 30 projects, Grid Strategies makes a compelling case that effective collaboration is necessary for efficient transmission expansion,” said Larry Gasteiger, Executive Director of WIRES. “WIRES has long maintained that FERC Order 1000’s competition provisions have introduced barriers to productive collaboration and have hindered transmission planning and development. We encourage policymakers to consider Grid Strategies’ careful assessment and to remove barriers to collaboration to pave the way for needed and beneficial transmission investments that can achieve ambitious clean energy goals while maintaining system reliability and bolstering resilience.”

Rob Gramlich, President, Grid Strategies
“Getting transmission built is so difficult and so urgently needed, we really need to be practical and look at what has worked in the past,” said Rob Gramlich, President, Grid Strategies. “We find that collaboration between transmission owners, regional grid planners, and others has been a critical element of successful transmission expansion. In fact, we found that delays caused by limiting collaboration can be costly for rate payers, amounting in one region to more than $1 billion dollars. Policy makers should review these experiences and foster such collaboration going forward.”