A landmark new report from Grid Strategies finds that effective collaboration is necessary for efficient transmission expansion and that Order 1000’s competition is a barrier to collaboration and thus planning and transmission development.

The report urges policymakers to remove barriers to collaboration to pave the way for large scale transmission investments that can achieve ambitious clean energy goals while maintaining system reliability and bolstering resilience.

The report’s findings are supported by:

  • a review of the history of electric market regulation in the U.S., finding that policymakers have long viewed investments in regional transmission networks as a facilitator for competitive generation markets, and not themselves competitive endeavors,
  • a detailed analysis of 29 projects that resulted from effective collaboration,
  • evidence shared by planners, utilities, regulators, renewable transmission developers, and
  • a comprehensive review of the types of information sharing that can lead to successful transmission planning outcomes – and identifies the types of information that often cannot be shared in competitive environments.

The first comprehensive review of how collaborative planning leads to transmission planning success, this report provides policymakers with new insights to drive federal and state transmission policy, as well as a crucial roadmap to removing barriers to collaborative transmission.

Read the media statement from Grid Strategies and WIRES about the report.

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Grid Strategies report

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