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News Release: Eversource Exec Takes the Helm At WIRES Promoting Infrastructure Investment (December 6, 2016)

News Release: WIRES Thanks Honorable (November 11, 2016)

new! Presentation Materials from WIRES' 2016 Annual Meeting (November 2016) WIRES Comments to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on Draft Review of Regional Transmission Plans (September 9, 2016)

Presentation Materials from WIRES' 2016 Summer Meeting (July 2016):
Autry Warren, Operational, Economic & Policy Implications of Transmission – Distribution Convergence
Eliot Roseman, Postcard from the (T&D) Future
Jordan Bakke, Natural Gas and Electricity Delivery Systems: The Future of Pipes and Wires
Lindsey, A Technology Perspective: Dynamic Line Ratings
Paul Smokler,Transmission Lines, Natural Gas Pipelines and Wearing Seatbelts
Rich Hoffmann, Midstream Natural Gas Infrastructure Development: Opportunities and Challenges
Teresa Mogensen, CapX2020 Transmission Study
Will Kaul, Future Grid

WIRES-Brattle Report Released on Transmission Planning   [read the report] (June 6, 2016)

Presentation Materials from WIRES' 2016 Spring Meeting (April 2016):
AES Corp: Energy Storage & Advancion
Andrew Oliver, RES Energy Storage Solutions
Julia Frayer, Energy storage and the “Grid of Things”
Kerrick Johnson, VT Weather Analytics Center
Panel: Cyber and Physical Threats to the Grid

The Supreme Court Stays EPA's Clean Power Plan - What Meaning for HV Transmission Development? (February 10, 2016)

Presentation Materials from WIRES' 2016 Winter Meeting (January 2016):
Transmission and Renewable Energy, Brian Fritz
MISO’s analysis of EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Regional grid implications, Clair Moeller
Grid Planning and Operational Challenges Arising from the Electrification of the Transportation Sector, Dean Taylor
Transportation Electrification, Mark Duvall
High Capacity High Efficiency Conductors, M. Hutchinson
Integrating and Delivering Wind Energy, Rob Gramlich
Renewables Integration - The Grid Operator’s Perspective, Eric Schmitt
Electric Transmission [transcript], Geisha Williams

Presentation Materials from WIRES’ 2015 Annual Meeting:
Transmission & Grid Modernization, Stephen G. Whitley
NASEO Perspective on the CPP, Rodney Sobin
Examining Federal Greenhouse Gas Rules in the Electric Power Sector, Sue Gander

FERC Dismisses WIRES Petition Urging Stable Equity Returns For Transmission Projects (September 17, 2015)

Post-Hearing Testimony of WIRES re Energy Infrastructure Legislation (Before U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources – May 2015)

New WIRES Study Highlights the Risks and Costs of Not Planning For a Strong, Flexible Transmission Network (April 23, 2015) [Executive Summary] [Read the Report]

WIRES Comments for FERC Technical Conference re: Clean Power Plan, February 19, 2015

Jim Hoecker of WIRES Among Panelists for FERC’s Feb 19 Technical Conference re: Clean Power Plan

National Grid’s Flynn Heads WIRES Officers for 2015 (January 16, 2015)

WIRES Says EPA Power Plant Regulations Must Be Redrawn To Account for Transmission If Clean Air Initiative Is To Succeed (December 3, 2014) [Read the Comments]

WIRES-NEMA Comments on DOE 2014 Congestion Study (October 20, 2014)

WIRES Tells the U.S. Department of Energy We Need A Strong Transmission Infrastructure Policy (October 10, 2014)

New Report: New Technologies Are Both Boon to The Grid And Complement To Transmission Investment (October 6, 2014)

WIRES News Release: WIRES Grows by Two Major Transmission Providers (May 5, 2014)

WIRES News Release: WIRES Letter to DOE: Robust Transmission Should Be Job No. 1. (April 10, 2014)

Briefing Materials: Electric Transmission 201: The High-Voltage Grid: Its Operations, Challenges, and Benefits [Speaker Slides] [Video] [Audio] [Highlights] (March 28, 2014)

WIRES Filing: WIRES To FERC: The Best Security Is A Strong Grid (March 28, 2014)

WIRES News Release: WIRES Leadership Comments on Nomination of Norman Bay As Next FERC Chairman (January 31, 2014)

WIRES Looks Ahead to 2014 (January 1, 2014)

Duke’s Grigsby Heads New Slate of WIRES Officers for 2014 (January 2, 2014)

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