Highlights of key developments in the modernization and expansion of the nation’s electric grid, with an emphasis on public policy initiatives driving that evolution and WIRES’ role the field.

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Media Coverage of Transmission

1/14/2014 TransmissionHub Monthly Review, TransmissionHub (January 14, 2014)

1/9/2014 New York To Strengthen Electric Grid, Streamline Transmission Projects, RenewGrid

White House Launches Quadrennial Energy Review (January 2014)
1/7/2014 America's Third World Energy Grid, Politico

1/6/2014 Cuomo Said Set to Push Speedy New York Power-Line Approval, Bloomberg

1/6/2014 In New England, Governors Team Up To Tackle Region’s Infrastructure Deficit, E&E

12/30/2013 Alberta’s Heartland Transmission Line Energized, TransmissionHub

12/19/2013 FERC to Act on Base ROE Issue Within the Next Two Months – Industry Sources, TransmissionHub

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company and NV Energy, Inc. Merger Complete, EnergyCentral

Gas-Electric Coordination: Quarterly Report to the Commission, FERC

12/18/2013 TransmissionHub Presents 2013, Year in Review, TransmissionHub

12/17/2013 PJM Board Approves $4.6bn for Regional Electric Grid Modification, Energy Business Review

12/13/2013 US Midcontinent ISO Approves $1.48 Billion of Transmission Investment, Platts

Smart Grids Could Fix Decrepit US Power Grid,

12/12/2013 FERC to Act on Base ROE Issue Within the Next Two Months – Industry Sources, TransmissionHub

12/5/2013 The Devil in the Details of FERC’s Electric Grid Plan, The Hill

12/3/2013 Estimated $163bn of Transmission Investment Underway in U.S., Canada, TransmissionHub

12/2/2013 Power Struggle: Green Energy Versus a Grid That’s Not Ready, Los Angeles Times

11/26/2013 Five CREZ Transmission Projects Switched On In October, Electric Light and Power

11/25/2013 President Barack Obama has named Cheryl A. LaFleur Acting Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

11/21/2013 FERC Issuing Final Rule on Gas-Electric System Data Sharing, TransmissionHub

11/15/2013 FERC Authorizes Information Sharing by Gas Pipelines, Electric Utilities

11/14/2013 Heads of World’s Largest Grids Call for Increased Investment in Infrastructure, TransmissionHub [Read the Release] [Read the GO15 CEO Declaration]

ISO New England Outlines Transmission, Generation Needs, Electric Light & Power

Attack Ravages Power Grid. (Just a Test.), The New York Times

11/13/2013 Western Electric Transmission Plan Wins Approval, Kansas City Star

Top Power Grid CEOs Call For Greater Investment In Reliability And Resilience, RenewGrid

Record of Decision for Gateway West Puts Two Segments ‘On Hold’, TransmissionHub

11/11/2013 Apocalypse: Threat of Massive Grid Shutdown Increasing in Face of Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Garrison Wells The Gazette

WAPA to Hold Public Meetings on Recommendation to Join SPP, TransmissionHub

11/11/2013 Apocalypse: Threat of Massive Grid Shutdown Increasing in Face of Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Garrison Wells The Gazette

11/11/2013 Apocalypse: Threat of Massive Grid Shutdown Increasing in Face of Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Garrison Wells The Gazette

11/8/2013 ISO-NE: From 2002 Through June, 475 Transmission Projects Have Been Placed Into Service, TransmissionHub

11/4/2013 Transmission Boom for Alberta, reNews

DATC: Tenor of Conversation Around Transmission Must be Changed, TransmissionHub

10/31/2013 Panelists: In Competition, Non-Incumbents Will Win, But It Won't Happen Soon, TransmissionHub

News Flash: DOE Recommends Presidential Permit For Champlain Hudson Power Express Project, TransmissionHub

Jewell to Push Federal Lands Energy Projects to 'Right Places', Energy Guardian

10/29/2013 FERC Commissioner Moeller: ‘I’m Bullish on Transmission’, TransmissionHub

10/28/2013 Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later, TransmissionHub

10/23/2013 TransmissionHub Project Review September 2013, TransmissionHub

10/21/2013 More State, Regional Coordination Needed in Transmission Planning – Panelists, TransmissionHub (October 21, 2013)

Details from FERC’s October 17 Meeting: Decisions, Meeting Summaries, Event Details

10/17/2013 FERC Issues Final Rule re: Transmission Planning Reliability Standards

10/16/2013 Tres Amigas President: Completion Date Still 2016, McClatchy-Tribune Regional News

10/7/2013 In Ohio, As Coal Retirements Near, Transmission Proposals Come In, TransmissionHub

10/3/2013 New Hunt for Head of Energy Regulator After Candidate Withdraws, The New York Times

PJM Board Approves Another $1.2 Billion In Transmission Improvements, Digital Journal

10/2/2013 Will Renewable Energy Usher In A New Dawn For HVDC Systems? RenewGrid

Binz Withdrawal Should Prompt Caution in Choosing Runner-up, Industry Sources Say, TransmissionHub

10/1/2013 Zapping Attacks on the Nation’s Transmission Grid, Energy Biz

9/30/2013 FERC Defends Controversial Transmission Rule in Court, Hannah Northey, E&E reporter, Governor's Wind Energy Coalition

9/27/2013 WAPA Proposes Updates to Transmission Infrastructure Program, Streamlining Application Process, TransmissionHub

9/25/2013 FERC Has Authority To Reform Power Planning, DC Circ. Told, Law360

9/20/2013 'Archaic' Institutional, Political Structures Are Main Obstacles to Transmission - Energy Foundation, TransmissionHub [Read the Report]

Up to $9BN of Annual Investment Needed in Transmission for 38 Years - America's Power Plan, TransmissionHub

Decisions from FERC’s September 19, 2013 Meeting

9/19/2013 'Archaic' Institutional, Political Structures Are Main Obstacles to Transmission - Energy Foundation, TransmissionHub [Read the Report]

FERC Staff Outlines Work So Far on Gas-Electric Coordination Issues, TransmissionHub

Energy Foundation: Make Siting for Transmission a "One-Stop Shop", TransmissionHub

9/17/2013 FERC Commissioner Nominee Mr. Ronald Binz Testimony Before the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources to be Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

9/16/2013 'Archaic' Institutional, Political Structures Are Main Obstacles to Transmission - Energy Foundation, TransmissionHub [Read the Report]

CA ISO Plan Focuses on Clean Resources, Advanced Storage, Fierce Energy

9/13/2013 California ISO Approves Three-Year Plan for Transmission Grid, Electric Light & Power

WIRES News Releases

1/1/2014 WIRES Looks Ahead to 2014

1/2/2014 Duke’s Grigsby Heads New Slate of WIRES Officers for 2014

6/26/2013 WIRES Asks FERC for Stability, Predictability in Equity Returns for Transmission Projects [Read the Petition]

5/9/2013 New Study Shows Wind Energy and Transmission Upgrade Are A Good Deal for PJM

2/4/2013 WIRES Welcomes Murkowski’s Holistic Approach on Energy, Sees FERC Order 1000 as Helping Achieve Shared Goals

1/15/2013 Study Highlights Lost Opportunities for Companies To Invest in Transmission and Other Infrastructure
[Read the Report]

12/10/2012 Oncor’s Clevenger Leads 2013 Slate of WIRES Officers

11/7/2012 WIRES Urges President Obama To Tackle Transmission Issues in Second Term

7/31/2012 Jim Hoecker of WIRES Discusses India Blackout: Jim Hoecker on CNBC: India’s Blackout and U.S. Grid Challenges

7/23/2012 WIRES Sharpens Its Focus

05/30/2012 WIRES: Phase 1 of EIPC Provides Valuable Insights But Has Important Limitations [Read the Analysis]

WIRES’ Jim Hoecker Comments on Impediments to Transmission, Transmission Hub

5/24/2012 Jim Hoecker of WIRES at Forum, “Can Renewable energy Make American Electricity More Affordable?

5/22/2012 New Study Showing Consumer Savings from Transmission That Supports Wind Integration in MISO Is Positive Contribution

5/17/2012 WIRES Statement on FERC’s Denial of Rehearing on Order 1000

2/27/2012 WIRES Seeks Much Stronger Role for DOE in Siting Transmission on Federal Lands [Read WIRES Comments]
[Read All Comments to DOE]

2/6/2012 Sunflower Electric Power Corp. Joins WIRES

1/27/2012 American Electric Power Joins WIRES

12/20/2011 WIRES Elects New Board and Officers for 2012

11/20/2011 WIRES Counsel Jim Hoecker Urges Nebraskans to Focus on Transmission for Wind Projects

9/9/2011 Comments by WIRES to DOE Re: Congestion Studies & Designations Under Sec. 216 of FPA

Sen. Energy & Natural Resource Chair Bingaman’s Differing Stance

9/2/2011 WIRES Advises Executive Branch Team How to Expedite Transmission On Federal Lands
See also: White House Memorandum

8/25/2011  WIRES Joins Energy Future Coalition Filing

8/22/2011 Petition for Rehearing and Reconsideration re: FERC Order 1000

7/21/2011  WIRES Statement on FERC Order 1000

7/18/2011  Transmission 205 Event Held July 15th a Success! WIRES Shines Light on Potentially Missed Opportunities for American Workers
See WIRES University for details

7/14/2011  Letter to Senate from WIRES, Others Supporting FERC Cost Allocation Authority

6/14/2011  Regarding The High-Voltage Grid, WIRES Asks: Does the Obama Administration Get It?

5/26/2011  WIRES Letter to Secretary Chu: Don't Forget Electric Transmission Infrastructure
See also: Read the Letter, DOE's Response
5/11/2011 Strengthening the Electric Transmission Grid Would be a Boon to the Economy, WIRES Study Finds (Read the Report)
WIRES-Brattle Report Gains An Audience: Investopedia|Colorado Energy News|International Energy Credit Association|Lansing (MI) State Journal
2/18/2011  Proposed Senate Cost Allocation Formula Threatens Needed Transmission Investment

2/7/2011  The High-Voltage Grid is Smart and Getting Smarter, New WIRES Report Explains

1/26/2011  Obama’s SOTU: A Trifecta for Electric Transmission

12/16/2010  WIRES Applauds FERC Decision on MISO Plan as Another Key Step in Updating Cost Allocation Approach

10/26/2010  NextEra’s Jolly Hayden Is New WIRES President; Knakmuhs, Deaver and Warren Fill Out Leadership

9/29/2010  WIRES Comments Support FERC's Evolving Views on Regional Transmission Planning, Cost Allocation
Also: Read the WIRES Comments Filed with FERC, September 29th, 2010

6/17/2010  WIRES Lauds FERC’s Rulemaking on Regional Transmission Planning, Cost Allocation

Read WIRES' Petition on Cost Allocation

FERC News Release 
FERC Fact Sheet 
FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

4/13/2010  On Transmission Cost Allocation, WIRES Tells Congress To Let The Regulators Regulate [Read the Letter]
1/20/2010  WIRES Statement Regarding Supreme Court on Siting

1/19/2010 “No Wires, No Juice”  -- WIRES President Paul McCoy on the Pickens Pullback, from

1/14/2010 WIRES Statement About T. Boone Pickens' Withdrawal in Texas

11/12/2009  WIRES Petitions FERC, Calling for Aggressive Action On Cost Allocation Principles to Help Speed Grid Development
See also: Petition, ClimateWire Story
11/3/2009  WIRES Joins Other Stakeholders in Telling Senate Leaders That Cost Allocation Provision of S. 1462 is Unworkable
See also: Letter

10/27/2009  WIRES Lauds Smart Grid 'Campaign' and Funding - With a Caveat 

10/5/2009  Paul McCoy of Trans-Elect Becomes WIRES President; Group Focuses on Making the Case for Transmission
4/17/2009 WIRES Letter to Carol Browner Outlines Priorities and Perspectives Regarding Legislative Agenda

4/15/2009  WIRES Commentary: Enthusiasm for Electric Transmission Legislation Should Be Tempered By Pragmatism and Broad Goals

3/16/2009  WIRES Welcomes Progress In the Reid and Bingaman Transmission Bills
2/25/2009 WIRES Statement on Smart Grid Issues Before U.S. House of Representatives’ Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming

2/23/2009  WIRES Expresses Praise and Support for EFC and CAP Efforts on Electric Transmission Expansion

1/31/2009 Transmission Initiatives Prominent in Stimulus Package; Other Opportunities Also Loom to Press Case for Transmission


Shift to Renewable Power Generation Demands New Approaches to Transmission Challenges


WIRES Applauds Transmission Corridor Designation


Blue Ribbon Panel Endorses Clear Principles for Electric Transmission Cost Allocation


New Trade Group to Focus on Strengthening the Electric Grid

Industry Developments

5/16/2013 FERC Accepts ISO-NE, NTTG Order No. 1000 Compliance Filings, Requires Revisions, FERC
[Commissioner Moeller’s Comments] [Commissioner Clark’s Comments]

11/08/2011 FERC Issues Plan for “Retrospective Analysis” of Existing Rules, FERC

11/07/2011 Rep. Sensenbrenner Introduces H.R. 3280 re: Regional Transmission Planning

10/21/2011 ISO New England Releases Regional Power Grid Look-Ahead,

10/20/2011 Item E-11: FERC reaffirms approval of Midwest ISO transmission planning process [news release]
See also: Commissioners' Statements:
Norris | LaFleur, FERC Transmission Cost Allocation

10/14/2011 FERC Order on Transmission Rate Incentives re: RITELine in Illinois/Indiana, October 14, 2011

10/13/2011 U.S. House Energy & Power Subcommittee Hearing re: Transmission

07/21/2011 FERC Issues Rule 1000
FERC News Release
Fact Sheet, Re: Order 1000

Commissioners' Statements: Chairman Wellinghoff, Commissioner Moeller, Commissioner LaFleur

FERC Chairman Wellinghoff on Bloomberg TV

05/23/2011 Wisconsin Commissioner Hired to Drive Federal Grid Policy

05/19/2011 FERC News Release: FERC Seeks Comment on Transmission Incentives Program (5/19/2011)
Commissioners' Statements: Moeller, Spitzer and Norris
Notice of Inquiry

02/18/2011 Proposed Senate Cost Allocation Formula (S400)

Senate Sponsors, FERC Chair Wellinghoff Exchange Views on the Legislation
Chairman Wellinghoff's Response

U.S. May Be Blocked From Spreading Power-Line Costs to Consumers

11/18/2010 FERC Directs NERC to Revise Definition of Bulk Electric System

FERC Clarifies ROE Policy for Electric Transmission Projects
11/16/2010 FERC Commissioner Norris: Review Power Line Incentive Rate Policy, from
10/20/2010 NERC Releases Long-Term Reliability Assessment (NERC News Release)
See also:
NERC 2010 Long-Term Reliability Assessment
9/16/2010 FERC lifts price caps for transmission customers reassigning capacity [FERC News Release]

9/10/2010 AWEA, Wind on the Wires File Comments with FERC on Midwest Transmission Cost Allocation Proposal from

6/17/2010 FERC News Release on Cost Allocation FERC Fact Sheet FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

5/20/2010 FERC Seeks to Ensure Open Transmission Access, Gives Guidance to Western Proposal - SunZia

4/29/2010 News Release: FERC Proposes to Lift Price Caps for Transmission Customers Reassigning Capacity under RM10-22

1/21/2010 FERC Tackles ICC v. FERC Remand By Asking More Questions On Cost Allocation

12/18/2009 Secretary Chu Announces Efforts to Strengthen U.S. Electric Transmission Networks
See also: Transmission Efforts Gain Stimulus Nod, from IntelligentUtility Daily

12/1/2009 New EEI Data Show Continued Interest in Transmission Investment in 2008

11/24/2009 Wind Industry Calls for Improved Transmission Pricing and Planning Processes From FERC

GridWise Alliance Praises DOE for Making Modernization Happen

11/11/2009 States Seal Pact to Lure Offshore Wind Industry to Their Shores
See also: Memorandum of Understanding

11/2009 Industry Coalition Pushes for Electrification of the Transportation Sector, Claiming "the Power Sector's Infrastructural Backbone is Already in Place."
10/28/2009 Federal Agencies Agree to Expedite Transmission Permits on Federal Lands, Federal Government News Release

10/19/2009 Reid: Improve the Transmission System, from Roll Call
10/8/2009 FERC Staff Gathers Comments on Tech Conferences Regarding Transmission Planning Under Order 890

7/19/2009 Brattle Group’s Peter Fox-Penner Calls on Nation’s Governors to Lead Regional Improvements in Transmission Planning
7/16/2009 FERC Adopts Policy for Development of Smart Grid (FERC news release)
See also: Policy Statement, comments from: Chairman Wellinghoff, Commissioners Kelly and Spitzer
6/12/2009 The House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment held a hearing titled, "The Future of the Grid: Proposals for Reforming National Transmission Policy" on June 12, 2009. It addressed proposals for new legislation on transmission planning, cost allocation, and siting authority.
Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) Introduces Legislation Giving FERC Authority
to Site Interstate Electric Power Lines

3/12/2009 Large Public Power Council: Congress Should Clear Obstacles to Transmission Development
See also: LPPC Transmission Investment Principles

2/24/2009 American Public Power Association Urges Congress, FERC, to Improve Bulk Electric System; Supports Workable Federal Renewable Electricity Standard, from American Public Power Assn. news release

2/17/2009 American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) white paper: Green Power Superhighways: Building a Path to America’s Clean Energy Future
See also: news release (2/18/09)

1/27/2009 Western Governors’ Association Proposals to Congress on Transmission Issues