WIRES Membership: Associate Member

Associate members interact with industry leaders, gain leadership opportunities, and advance their business.


  • Work with key industry executives, experts, and public policymakers on committees and at meetings that address leading edge issues and cases affecting the transmission industry
  • Receive information, pleadings, and briefings about changes in the industry
  • Attain a deeper understanding of transmission’s direction, developments, and risk profile


  • Take the opportunity to help lead WIRES as an at-large director, officer, or committee member
  • Provide your policy, technical, or legal insights into a demanding and critically important area involving the build-out of the nation’s energy infrastructure

Advance Your Business

  • Increase your firm’s visibility with industry players, as WIRES raises the visibility of this growing sector of the power business
  • Join today and work to advance the important goals of this organization


Membership Class 2015 Net Operating Income Dues
SPECIAL N/A $20,000
SUPPORTING < 100M $40,000
RTO FRIENDS > 100M $70,000
KILOWATT > 100M $70,000
MEGAWATT > 100M $70,000

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